Exterior Renovation

Exterior Renovation

At Arabola Global Resources, our exterior renovation services includes residential roofing, siding, windows and doors, decks, gutters and additions & remodeling.

Residential Roofing

At Arabola Global Resources, our goal is to provide a quality service, make your experience better than you expect, resulting in the increased value of your home and your enjoyment for years to come. Arabola Global Resources is here to give your home the beauty that its deserve.

Whether you are experiencing a roof leak, noticing water damage, or your shingles are coming off, we are here to answer your questions by providing you with the right guidiance for your roof repair or replacement. Our team of roofing professionals is experienced with all types of roofing systems, including asphalt shingles, tile, slate, metal, and flat roofs.


At Arabola Global Resources, we maintain excellent and productive relationships with customers. These relationships enable us to carry a wide range of latest energy-efficient siding options on the market today.

Windows & Doors

We provides our clients with the greatest selection of windows and doors available at the best price. Window and door manufacturers come with a variety of product warranties. After making your decision on what brand of windows you like, our professional installers will be there to expertly install the windows. You can be assured that your home has professionally installed windows that will last you and your family a lifetime.


Arabola Global Resources provides the design and implementations of decks to your home. All though real wood requires continuous maintenance, many people enjoy the natural warm feeling and textures available in real wood. Many types and grades are available depending on your budget, wants, and needs. Heartwood, the tight-grained, slow growing tree, is rot resistant and can last as long as three decades. Faster Growing light colored sapwood has less natural rot resistance and durability. Dense woods are more difficult to cut and often require pre-drilling, but the denser the wood, the better it will stand up to foot traffic and weather. As always in natural woods, make sure to select “old growth” or first growth vs. “new growth” or second growth plantation trees. Old Growth trees are traditionally much larger in size and contain more durable heartwood than new growth which is mostly smaller logs and prodimently sapwood. The most common types for wooden decks today are Pressure Treated wood, Brazilian hard woods or (Ipe), cedar, redwood, and mahogany.


Arabola Global Resources has both 5" and 6" K – style gutters available to meet your needs. All gutters are preformed on site with our seamless gutter machines insuring a proper fit and leak proof design to fit your application. Some of the many benefits of seamless aluminum rain gutters are:

  • Seamless gutters eliminate unsightly seams
  • Reduces the possibility of leaks
  • Protects the beauty of your home and landscaping
  • Formed on the job for exact measurements
  • Most jobs are completed in one day
  • Many colors to choose from

Additions & Modelings

Arabola Global Resources is committed to servicing you during your addition or remodel. We are known for our excellent craftsmanship and exceptional pricing. We offer a wide variety of services such as, custom decks, pergolas, sun rooms, room additions, and finished basements. Our services will not only add beauty to your home, but will also add value to your home or property.

Whether you want to update specific areas of the home or are trying to add extra living space to the home, remodeling could be a great choice for you and your family. Whatever the design and function you are seeking for your remodeling project, it should compliment the current design of your home.

Remodeling or even making your home larger with an addition allows you to customize your home to meet your needs and desires. The only similar, but much more costly alternative, is to have a brand new custom home designed and built.

One of the reasons most people are hesitant to move is because the schools in your area are desirable. Remodeling means that you don’t have to give up a familiar neighborhood and schools. Remodeling is a more efficient use of your financial resources. According to the American Homeowner Foundation, selling your home and moving typically costs about 8-10 percent of the value of your current home. And much of this goes into moving expenses, closing costs, and broker commissions – items that have no direct impact on your home’s quality.

Our team knows that remodeling and adding onto your home can be stressful, but will make the process mush easier then you think and few experiences are more stressful than moving.

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